Place for customers of Black Arrow Software LTD. to put up Factual Information as to their own personal dealings with those SCAMMERS...

Thank you to whomever posted some of this information before. I have merged yours with what I found as well. Findings shown below:

Hong Kong police cyber crime department because their corps are in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Consumer Council

UK Action Fraud because their banking is in the UK

US FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center for US residents to document losses
Note: Please file your reports with ALL applicable agencies.

Black Arrow Bank Information
Beneficiary company name: BLACK ARROW LIMITED
Beneficiary company address: Room 1701, 17/F, Henan Building, No. 90-92, Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Beneficiary bank account number: 015-784242-838
Beneficiary bank name: HSBC Hong Kong
Beneficiary bank address: 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Swift address: HSBCHKHHHKH
IBAN: There is no IBAN. This company is located in Hong Kong, not in Europe. Hong Kong uses SWIFT. IBAN and SEPA are for Europe transfers only.
Beneficiary company name: DESTINO LIMITED
Beneficiary company address: Flat 1 Edward Place, 240 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 4NY, UK
Beneficiary bank name: Metro Bank
Beneficiary bank address: 201 Broad Street Mall, Reading, RG 1 7QA, UK
Beneficiary country: United Kingdom
Swift code: MYMBGB2LXXX
EUR Account Number: 13633018, Sort Code: 23-05-80,
IBAN: GB31MYMB23058013633018
USD Account number: 13633045, Sort Code: 23-05-80,
IBAN: GB78MYMB23058013633045
GBP Account Number: 13631317, Sort Code: 23-05-80,
IBAN: GB77MYMB23058013631317

Description of the Fraud:
  1. Black Arrow set up the website:
  2. They set up the bank accounts listed above in Hong Kong and United Kingdom.
  3. They offered “mining” computers at prices significantly cheaper than KNC Miner and Cointerra to entice people to become customers.
  4. They collected funds from customers globally both by wire transfer and by BTC.
  5. They ordered the parts, assembled the “mining” computers, and instead kept the equipment to “mine” the BTC themselves.
  6. The entire time, they lied to customers through email and their website blog stating that huge technical obstacles were causing the delays. Technically proficient customers started suspecting fraud after identifying that the technical issues that Black Arrow was claiming, had already been solved by other companies years ago.
  7. These customers and others who were already upset with the delays began requesting refunds, and initially Black Arrow agreed.
  8. However, Black Arrow was intentionally lying again to customers to keep the equipment and “mine” the BTC longer. Because they only had to pay for the electricity, Black Arrow was able to generate profit very easily.
  9. The BTC market fell steadily from December 2013, eventually making “mining” unprofitable. It was at this point (December 2014) that Black Arrow claimed all technical issues were solved, and that customers had 2 choices.
    1. Sign another contract and let Black Arrow host the “mining” computers for you, while you paid them additional fees.
    2. Have Black Arrow ship you the “mining” computers.
Some customers who chose to sign a contract stated they received “mined” digital coins for 1 week, and then nothing after that. Essentially, Black Arrow is again illegally keeping the profit for themselves, because customers were paying the hosting fees. Those customers who chose shipment after the intentional >1 year delay have reported the equipment: had been illegally used, showed signs of scratches all over, significant wear and tear on the internal hardware, had rust on the exterior, was significantly less capable than advertised, and/or completely inoperable. The intent of Black Arrow Limited and Destino Limited was to illegally secure 0% financing to mine BTC for themselves, ship used worthless and/or damaged equipment to customers once they were done, and give the false impression that all funds were spent or lost in fraud, while significant funds are still present in various bank accounts and digital wallets.

Individuals Involved:
Criminal 1: DANIEL ANDRONIC, https://www.facebook...iel.andronic.77
                     Shoreditch Stables, 138 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DY, UK
                     Flat 1 Edward Place, 240 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 4NY, UK
                     Flat 1 Edward Place, 240 Kings Road, Reading, RG1 4NY, UK
                     24 Branksome Court, Prospect Street, Reading, RG1 7XR, UK

Recommended Actions:
Customers are advised to copy the above for their records, avoid any transactions with these criminals (same owners/managers of BByte Limited), organize all paper and electronic documentation, report their experiences to authorities to penalize these criminals, recover their funds, recover profit from illegally mined BTC, and stop this fraud. Interpol gets automatically involved after complaints are reported locally. Customers should report criminals, knowing that an increasing number of countries now cooperatively enforce laws such that regardless of where the fraud occurred, criminals are extradited and imprisoned without trial until all funds are returned.


Black Arrow first announced they are joining the mining hardware business in September 2013. It is a traceable by a post they made to forum and some press release which still can be found on the Internet. However, it offers no clue as what business it was dealing with before getting into mining hardware manufacturing. The rationale is that if a company were to enter the mining hardware business, it must have been the computer hardware business for many years or that its founders were involved in another company and that information is publicly disclosed. For the case of Black Arrow, it is like the company popped up from nowhere. This leaves a lot of questions: If Black Arrow were in the hardware business, or it is a subsidiary spring-off, then what hardware were they manufacturing? What was the names of their affiliated companies? What was the brands of their other products? What is the size of their factory? How did they acture or build their hardware and factor or business? What was the company’s financial performance or turnover/profits?

Unknown Company Directors
The names of the directors are completely unknown. All staff seems to use username/nicknames on forums and email replies (with a first name and just a last name abbreviation). They cannot be found on any social networks, such as LinkedIn.
So the questions are: who are these people? Where (ie. what country/city) do they live? How many of them?

Almost complete lack of publicity
The only publicity Black Arrow has is some basic forms of press release and posting to [Suspicious link removed]. They are never featured nor reported in any magazines or newspapers. They have never appeared at any Bitcoin trade shows or conferences.

Web site located in Germany
Black Arrow is a Hong Kong based company and claims to have a factory in Shenzhen in mainland China. However, their website is located in Germany. Why would these guys who can own an office in Hong Kong and a factory in mainland China locate their website in Germany?
A host lookup on (and its DNS nameservers) points to IP address of
A host lookup of its forum site,, reveals the IP address at
Both belongs to hosting provider called “Contabo GmbH” in Germany. Their website is On examination, it is a very cheap VPS and dedicated servers / co-location provider; its prices are much cheaper than the general competition.

Web site in Chinese
Black Arrow claims to own a factory in Shenzhen (in the mainland China) and thus have a additional language on their website in Chinese. However, a switch to the Chinese language reveals that the translation is not completely done. A lot of the menu items (whether logged in or out) remains untranslated in English.  Clearly, this is obvious that Black Arrow is not targeting the Chinese market, but focuses mainly on the English market. Why?
So, this leaves many questions: why would a company based in China and consumers in China being extremely crazy about Bitcoin yet leave out its own Chinese market? Why are they targeting only the English speaking world?

Wierd Staff Response Hours
We got an email on January 31 way past midnight (reference to local time in China) that they cannot deliver by end of February. First of all, that day is Chinese New Year. It is a holiday season equivalent to Christmas/New Year in the western world. People are eager to return home for reunion with their families and simply not in the mood to work. This is especially so for factory worker but also applies to company managers/executives. So the question is why would the staff/manager/executive would work till that late on a holiday season to send us a notification mail?
Another matter is the the response time to our emails and inquiries are simply irregular of working hour in China. If they operate a factory, they would have many staff reporting to work in regular hours. The managers/executives, too, would be expected to work the same hours. Why did they sometimes reply to our mails in the middle of the night (in China local time) or very early mornings?

Registered Hong Kong Company and a Bank Account
Black Arrow Limited is a real company incorporated in Hong Kong. A search on Google using the terms "hong kong shelf company with bank account” return results of many offshore incorporation services firms offering such services. These are pre-registered firms with pre-opened bank accounts. Sure, most would require notarized documents from clients in order to purchase them. However, there is a possibility that there could be a very few who would just sell it without asking for any ID. In other words, once they take control of the company and its bank account, they can freely withdraw money from ATMs. Therefore, by offering wire transfer as a payment, ie. proof of having a legitimate bank account, actually means nothing in terms of the legitimacy of the business.
A search on their address “Room 1701, 17/F, Henan Building, No. 90-92 Jaffe Road
Wanchai, N/A” on Google reveals many other companies. So, this seems that it is a virtual address, shared office or mail redirection service. In other words, it is unlikely they have their own premises (functioning as a sales office) within Hong Kong with a proper signboard.
As for the factory location in Shenzhen, China, we do not have any verification of its existence or some photos.

Only computer generated graphics
Black Arrow has used graphics softwares to many beautiful images of their mining machines. It is now already February and why don’t they have any real photos of their products?

Technical Documents
They have produced very technical documents of the mining machines. Well, I think one of their scamming artist team members must be an enginner. Since they are scamming millions of dollars, it is easy to partner with a real engineer and devote full time to write those documents.

Some videos uploaded to YouTube
They uploaded some videos of the factory manufacturing process. However, those does not show the factory belong to them. They can simply ask a friend (or one of the scheming partner) to take some video (whether opening or secretly) of what’s happening inside a factory - any factory. So, therefore, those videos uploaded to YouTube means nothing.

The Scam Operation is Real
Bitcoin mining is a pre-order and pre-pay market. So, people pay and wait. While waiting, people don’t know they are scammers but expect to get their machines.
Some will ask for refunds for whatsoever reasons. They will refund to reduce the number of public complaints. Their strategy is that they will offer refunds as long as the new sales amount is greater than the refunds being claimed.
They started their scam business back in September, and “promised” to deliver in February. So, they are now trying to “extend” the period of wait until May. When May comes, most probably they will come up with another reason for yet another delay. Eventually, they will have nothing to deliver and their website will disapear.

If I am right…
Since they have a real incorporated company in Hong Kong with a bank account, it is possible to trace the directors or the incorporating agent or secretary. It is possible to make it into a criminal pursuit by law enforcement. However, we don’t expect them to be living in Hong Kong, but need to chase them down internationally. They should have left their fingerprints and would definitely be traceable.